Cambia o Muere en el Intento

Jun 1, 2012  Mundo Ejecutivo

publication descriptionTalks about the reasons change is so difficult and proposes some best practices to increase the probability of success in Change.

Customer Service

Feb 1, 2012  Mundo Ejecutivo

How to identify problems with your customer service and some tips to improve your customer service.

Negocios Verdes y Vida Sustentable

Dec 1, 2011  Mundo Ejecutivo

Talks about the sustainable development that companies need to do in order to increase business sustainability without affecting product quality and cost.

De Consejo a Consejo

Aug 1, 2011  Mundo Ejecutivo

Describe the benefits of the board of directors, the ways to establish a board and the important activities the board should do.

Hazle un Check Up a tu Negocio

Jun 1, 2011  Mundo Ejecutivo

About the advantages and disadvantages of financial planning, the errors that avoid a budget to be a good practice and the ways to structure a successful plan for a company.