Limpia Mahahual; participated and supported Limpia Mahuhual an initiative to clean trash from beaches in southeast Mexico. To make concience that taking care of the environment is no longer a "good thing to do", that is now a daily task that we need to do if we want to leave the next generations with a place to live.

Learn to fly!!!

Flying Leasons; having the experience of handling a light aircraft with my hands and landing obviously with the help of the instructure.

Diving with Sharks!!!

Shark Diving; I love diving, its a relaxing experience where you can think, meditate and thing about yourself. Sharks don't eat people, they are just another species in the vast sea. If we don't care about them and their home (the ocean) maybe we will lose them, this time we had to go to Fiji to see them.


Trekking; another way to relax and connect with nature. The world is a place of colors, smells, and sounds. If you want to feel in love with someone go trekking, the environment with somehow help.

Preparing for an adventure!!!

Rappelling in waterfalls; a great way to push your limits, control your fears and have a good time. Cold water and slippery surfaces but after that a huge pleasury for completing the journey.